From Brian Emerson, owner of

Dear loyal customers, I want to update you with some exciting news.

As of October 8, 2017, has been acquired by Liquid Web. I am very excited about what this means to you and I wanted to personally explain the positive changes the acquisition will bring to your business.

Why am I doing this?  Well simply put, technology is changing so fast, I thought it was time to move my customers to a provider who can deliver the infrastructure, security, reliability, and most importantly, a world-class support team that you certainly deserve.  

Your business will now benefit from DDOS protection, security, an advanced platform and a wide product portfolio and services (to name a few) that can help your online presence stay safe and your business grow.  

Why Liquid Web?  Liquid Web has been a leader in hosting for 20 years. They are known for their wide and deep product portfolio, industry leading performance and guarantees, and a customer satisfaction rating that leads the industry. They have the fastest Cloud VPS platform in the industry and have been innovating with Managed WordPress and Cloud Sites, a platform that can give you an army of servers for amazing redundancy and scalability. And, of course, they are known for their high performance Dedicated servers. They even help build custom solutions for businesses using dedicated, cloud or hybrid infrastructure.

They are a powerful hosting provider with a great reputation.  

And that’s one of the most important reasons I chose Liquid Web. Known for being “the most helpful humans in hosting”,  you will find that Liquid Web mirrors the Kick Ass beliefs of honesty, integrity and support. There is no doubt in my mind that you will not only continue to have a Kick Ass experience with Liquid Web, but that you will now see an entirely new level of support:

  • 24x7x365 Support, via ticket, chat, phone call
  • Over 200 RedHat Linux, Microsoft, and Cisco certified technicians
  • Level 3 Technicians on-site at their wholly owned Data Centers
  • Specialized staff dedicated to solving difficult problems related to server security, data restoration, and hardware changes. (They work around the clock catching and preventing threats before they impact your services)
  • An industry-leading guarantee of  100% network and power uptime or Liquid Web credits your account 10x

This is important to your business and very few companies in the world do it better than Liquid Web.   

But, Brian … what does all this mean to me?  Liquid Web will be communicating with you over the coming days and weeks.  We have structured this so that you can have confidence that we are making this as smooth a transition as we can.

  • Your pricing will stay the same for your current services.
  • Liquid Web has a dedicated Migrations team who will work with you individually to migrate your specific configurations
  • I am staying personally involved with Liquid Web through this transition.

Thank you for helping me grow   I am deeply appreciative for your business and your loyalty.   I am confident that you are moving to one of the best hosting providers I know and there is no doubt that your business deserves and will benefit from the kind of expertise, support and product offerings that Liquid Web delivers.  

I encourage you to learn more about Liquid Web at, they really kick ass!  

Best Regards,

Brian Emerson

From Jim Geiger, CEO of


We couldn’t be happier to welcome you to the Liquid Web family. As Brian shared with you in his note, he approached Liquid Web earlier this year looking for the best home for his valued Kick-Ass customers. We couldn’t be more thrilled.

For 20 years, we’ve been serving web professionals like you. We’re known for our wide product portfolio, highly performant services and exceptional support. Our ~600 experienced administrators, engineers, and technicians are dedicated and empowered to make your life easier – so you can focus on the work you love. For us it is all about Powering Your Business Potential™.

I am sure you have questions and I hope that we can answer most of them in these FAQ’s. We will have a dedicated team focused on migrating your services to Liquid Web. Brian will remain engaged with the Liquid Web team as we transition your account from Kick-Ass to Liquid Web.

Important! Your server, data, and pricing will all stay the same. Over the coming months, we will be upgrading you to our infrastructure for free as the first step in going above and beyond for you and your business throughout this transition. We plan to simplify your billing and improve your hardware . With this upgrade, you will receive:

  • Upgraded hardware.
  • 24x7x365 Support, via ticket, chat, or by phone.
  • Support from our 250+ RedHat Linux, Microsoft, and Cisco certified technicians.
  • Specialized staff dedicated to solving difficult problems related to server security, data restoration, and hardware changes. (We work around the clock catching and preventing threats before they impact your services.)
  • An industry-leading guarantee of 100% network and power uptime or we’ll credit your account 10x.

All migrations will occur over the next few months. We commit to communicating with you during this time period and will consult with you to schedule your migration event. Before the upgrade takes place, we will contact you with information about the exact configuration you’ll receive and we’ll work with you on any changes required. We’ll also be available to answer any questions you have during your server upgrade to make sure your websites transition seamlessly.

We are committed to making this as smooth a migration as we can. Afterwards, we hope that you will experience a new peace of mind with enhanced levels of monitoring and support. Finally, I look forward to sharing our broad product portfolio. Our Hosting Advisors are always on hand to start the conversation about how we can help you handle your next project and grow your business.

Thank you for trusting Kick-Ass and Liquid Web with the success of your websites. We are excited to have you join the Liquid Web family and look forward to working with you over the coming months and years.


Jim Geiger

CEO, Liquid Web


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