Our clients have always been our primary concern. From the very launch of our company, we’re trying to deliver services of premium quality surpassing requirements of even the most demanding clients. Below are some of the testimonials we got from our loyal clients. We’re proud of being your web hosting provider!

  • We use KickAssVPS.com for three reasons: Reliability, Responsiveness and Reasonable Pricing. There are many VPS hosting firms out there, but what has kept us happy have been their reliability and responsiveness. The folks at KickAssVPS.com are happy to answer and often go above and beyond to provide the services we need to make our business successful. The bottom line: KickAssVPS.com does exactly that. They Kick Ass!

    Jim Feck - Owner - DrumArt.com
  • We’ve been with KickAssVPS.com since 2008. With KickAssVPS, customer support is always fast and efficient. They are one of the most honest and sincere companies we’ve had the pleasure to do business with. Simply put, they Kick Ass!

    Sean Hecker - Developer - www.lawnmowerpros.com
  • We have used KickAssVPS.com for over 5 years and have found not only their products and services to be rock solid, but their customer service is what makes the difference. They answer promptly and go the extra mile to make sure your apps and servers run smoothly. Their name represents the incredible value they bring to your enterprise, they just KickAss!

    Luis Majano -Ortus Solutions, Corp - Professional Open Source and Web Development
  • Since 2008, I have relied on KickAssVPS.com to provide VPS and now Cloud hosting for both development and production environments. They have fulfilled every request for any environment I have needed, always in a very timely manner. They are smart and put thought into each answer. I never get cookie cutter or scripted solutions. And on top of it all, their services are very reliable. I love you guys!

    Denise Hyatt-Roberts - Cyber Services, Inc - Web Development, CMS Customization
  • Of course we could try to host our own solutions, but why risk downtime and lose sleep worrying about technology that is outside of our core competencies. Especially when the guys at KickAssVPs.com can provide top-notch solutions and service at a great price. It’s a no-brainer.

    Jake Wodele - NET Software Consulting and SAAS Solutions - Accelerated Innovations
  • Having used dozens of hosting providers over the last 18 plus years of web development, KickAssVPS.com is by far the best and most responsive company I have found. KickAssVPS.com is always there, always with the latest tools I need, and most important always with the support in the rare instance I have a problem. They go above and beyond in every sense of the word and are one of the very few companies I have worked with that doesn’t bring a cringe and shiver down the spine when I have to call for support.

    Joe Holt - Fishtrap Development - Web Application and General Software Development
  • I have not only used KickAssVPS.com as a web hosting and server space provider, but I have been fortunate to have worked with KickAssVPS.com on a creative and graphic design basis. Over the past several years I have been working with Brian I have been impressed with his commitment to providing the highest quality customer service. He truly cares about his cliental and has always made a point of being available to answer questions and ensure that I have what I need.

    Samuel Gross - Developer - 144Design.com