Company Info


THIS IS KICKASSVPS.COM is a privately held web hosting company based in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Founded in 2005, focuses on providing high quality network services, virtual private servers (VPS hosting), system administration, and security services to clients locally, nationally, and globally. While being a rather young hosting company, our solid track record and word-of-mouth reputation demonstrate that building good relationships with our customers is our top priority.


Brian Emerson - President

Brian is the founder and president of hosting provider. He has a hand in virtually every part of the business – from sales to server administration. Brian also firmly believes in honesty, integrity, and serving the customer to the fullest extent possible. Prior to forming, Brian had experiences of developing and implementing solutions for companies like 3M,, and Carlson Companies.

Randy Erath - Business and Financial Advisor

Randy has over 25 years experience in growing and successful companies as a financial manager. His industry experiences include manufacturing, services, transportation, distribution, real estate, construction and not-for-profits. He has successfully set up manual and computerized accounting systems, controls and procedures in each of these industries. Additionally, he has been involved in tax planning strategies from both business and personal perspectives. Randy has also played a key role with his expertise in mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, including development of innovative financing strategies.

Andy Gross - Strategic Advisor

Andy has designed and patented a number of products and services for various industries. He has also developed management teams and strategic partnerships, and resides in the Board of Directors for several companies, including and serves as a key player in our web hosting team.

Samuel Gross - Creative Director

Samuel’s career in design began at Augsburg College in Minneapolis while he was still a student. Since that time, Sammy has worked full-time in a number of industries, while simultaneously developing his freelance business. He has worked with large corporations such as Best Buy and Carlson Marketing Group, as well as many start-up organizations. Through these varied experiences, Sammy has expanded his knowledge base and skill set and he continues to grow as a designer. Samuel is a key player at VPS hosting company because of his positive, can-do attitude and dedication, his sense of humor, and his ability to work independently or in a team setting.

Kim Emerson - Billing & Account Manager

Kim has been with web hosting company since 2005, when she started assisting with day-to-day activities. Within a few years she moved into her area of expertise and took over the billing department. Kim now oversees all customer billing and account management.

Jack - Resident AssKicker

Awarded “Ass of the Month” for 10 years straight, Jack has been a VPS junkie since he was a foal. Learning the tricks of the trade from his father, also named Jack, he formed a strong appreciation for the great control and performance one can find in VPS hosting. Shortly after relocating to Minneapolis he became the KickAss VPS brand ambassador, when the previous ambassador, Black Beauty, realized his potential. Jack is known for his fast, reliable services while kicking ass at the same time! What an ass!