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Managed Cloud VPS Servers

November 27, 2016, Written by 0 comment

What better way to kick off this new blog (and new website) than to talk about our new VPS offering – Managed CloudVPS Servers!

Our new servers aren’t really so new, but more of an evolution of technology combined with feedback from our customers and tighter integration with management tools.

So what are they? Managed CloudVPS Servers are virtual servers that run just about any OS you want, from just about all the Linux distributions, to nearly all the Windows platforms, including Windows 2012, Windows 8, and Windows 7.

These CloudVPS servers run a ‘true’ hypervisor layer, so they are completely isolated, secure, and have dedicated resources. The disk storage is highly resilient, consisting of many disks spanned over many physical servers. The result is no single point of failure in the event of a catastrophic hardware failure. CloudVPS servers will simply fail over to the next available node with no downtime.

Why do we call them ‘Managed’?

Proactive Monitoring – Even though these servers reside on fault-tolerant infrastructure, issues can and do arise. Our staff at will proactively monitor your server for uptime 24×7. In the event of a failure, we will diagnose and resolve the issue, most times before you (or your customers) notice a problem.

Proactive Managed Backups – We’ve increased the sophistication of our backup system. Each server uses agent-based clients that perform file-based backup protection on an individual basis. Unlike our backup system on our QuickVPS servers, these backups are customized to the individual server, which means we can schedule backup times, receive reports on job success or failure, and allow simple access to backed up data via our client portal.

Integration and Management – We’re very proud of our newly redesigned client portal located at . From here, our customers can manage all aspects of their server, use offline KVM tools, view uptime & performance reporting, see usage statistics, as well as submit support tickets and manage invoices and payments.

We’re really proud of our new Managed CloudVPS servers. We hope you enjoy using the service as much as we enjoy providing it to you!

Brian Emerson

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